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Past Winners

Outstanding Blue Key Chapter Award

For Leadership, Scholarship, and Service Excellence

2022 The University of Toledo
Clemson University
 Kansas State University
2019  Clemson University
2018  Michigan Technological University
2017  Emory and Henry College
2016  Clemson University
2015   Michigan Technological University
2014   Clemson University
2013   The University of Toledo

Outstanding Blue Key Advisor Award

For Advising, Guidance, and Dedication to Chapter Excellence

2022 Janet Lance, The University of Georgia
 Alex Helmbrecht, Chadron State College
2020  Heather Sander, Michigan Technological University
2019  June Coleman, Emporia State University
2018  Laura Bulleit, Michigan Technological University
2017 Kerri McMillan, Clemson University
2016  Russell Carson Guill, Clemson University
2015   Robert Lee Izlar, The University of Georgia
2014   Dr. Emily Lehning, Kansas State University
2013   Dr. Troy D. Paino, Truman State University

Blue Key Distinguished Service Award

For a Lifetime of Leadership and Service to Blue Key Honor Society

2022  Dr. Emily Lehning, Kansas State University
  Bob Izlar, University of Georgia
2020  Rich Mistler, Kansas State University
2019  Dr. Pat J. Bosco, Kansas State University
2017  Dr. Christopher M. Sieverdes, Executive Director Emeritus, Clemson University
2016  Thomas Daniel Buckalew, The University of West Alabama
2015   Keith Bjerke North Dakota State University
2014   James F. Barker, Clemson University & Tom S. Landrum, The University of Georgia
2013   Lori Edgeworth, The University of Toledo
2004   Dr. Frederick C. Bosarge, Lander University

Blue Key President’s Award

For Outstanding Leadership and Service as Blue Key Chapter President

2022  Frank Lumpkin, The University of Georgia
  Ethan Kallenberger, Kansas State University
2020  Cherie Crisp, Emporia State University
2019  Eric Norfleet, Truman State University
2018  Drew Costa, Clemson University
2017  Ian Greenlund, Michigan Technological University
2016  James P. Sullivan, Clemson University
2015   Andrew Conley, Michigan Technological University & Natalie Niccolai, Slippery Rock University
2014   Charles Reagan Kays, Kansas State University & Kristi Marie Schaffer, North Dakota State University
2013   Emily Croak, The University of Toledo & Valeria Schiller, University of Portland

Blue Key Director’s Choice Award

For Outstanding Leadership, Dedication, Commitment, and Chapter Excellence

2021  Northern Arizona University
2020  The University of Toledo
2018  Kansas State University
2017  Clemson University
2016  Colorado School of Mines
2015   North Dakota State University
2014   Concord University

Exemplary Blue Key Member Award

Renamed January 16, 2015: Gregory Lee Smith Exemplary Blue Key Member Award and Scholarship

For Exemplary Leadership, Scholarship, and Service as a Member of Blue Key

2022  Max Pleyte, Michaigan Technological University
  Abigail Hendrix, Michigan Technological University
2020  Miranda Moore, Kansas State University
2019  Molly Bassette, Kansas State University
2018  Lauren Sevenish, The University of West Alabama
2017  Caitlyn R. Webb, Kansas State University
2016  Alyxandria Virginia Schwarzwalder, North Central College
2015   Kasey Darley, The University of Georgia
2014   Kaitlin Ann Long, Kansas State University & Ryan Daniel Slauer, The University of Georgia
2013   Carolyn Gatewood, Kansas State University & Gregory Lee Smith, The University of Toledo
2012   Samantha Dunne, Michigan Technological University & Courtney Hallenbeck, Kansas State University
2011   Brian Michael Park, Clemson University & Becky Marie Sullivan, Kansas State University & Phillip Charles Mote, The University of Georgia
2010   Kyle Torni, Michigan Technological University
2009   Steven Meyerhoff, Colorado School of Mines
2008   Grete Peterson, North Dakota State University
2007   Kristen M. Daniels, Kansas State University
2006   George Nathaniel Magrath, Clemson University

Outstanding Blue Key Feature Award

For Modeling Practices That Benefit Campus Life

2022 Michigan Technological University (Winter Carnival)
  Kansas State University (Quest Honorary Program)
2020  Colorado School of Mines (M-Climb)
2019  Clemson University (Tigerama 2018 Beneath the Orange Colored Sky)
2018  Michigan Technological University (Winter Carnival)
2017  Missouri University of Science and Technology (Student Success) & Clemson University (Tigerama)
2016  University of Georgia (Tucker Dorsey Blue Key Alumni Banquet)
2015  Emory and Henry College (Merger with Cardinal Key)
2014  North Dakota State University (Blue Key Homecoming Show)
2013   The University of Toledo (Songfest)
2012   Colorado School of Mines (Blaster Patrol)

Chapter Website Award

For Outstanding Content, Promotion, Usefulness, and Design

2021  The University of Georgia
2019   Kansas State University
2017   Kansas State University
2015   Emporia State University & The University of Georgia
2014  Saint Olaf College

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