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Blue Key New Life Member Registration Spreadsheet
BK New Life Member Registration

NOTE:  The Life Member Blue Key registration fee (dues) is $65.00 per individual (student and honorary).

Procedure for New Member Registration

Step 1.  The chapter has identified the group of individuals who will become potential nominees for Blue Key Honor Society membership.

Step 2.  Completing the New Life Member Registration Form located above.

    • An appropriate Chapter Officer, Advisor or designated administrator shall download a copy of the New Life Member Registration Form.
    • The full legal names of nominees shall be listed in alphabetical order by last name on the excel spreadsheet.
    • Email the completed New Life Member Member Registration spreadsheet to

Step 3.  Group Payment:  An appropriate chapter representative shall make one payment to Blue Key Honor Society for the entire sum of the new class.

Three Payment Options:

1.    Payment by Check.  Mail one check made out to Blue Key Honor Society for the full amount to the following address:

Blue Key Honor Society
National Office
The University of West Alabama
101 College Drive, Station 61
Livingston, AL 35470

2.    Payment by PayPal.

Membership dues can be paid using the PayPal button below. Fee includes a $2 service charge. 

Buy Now Button

Note:  The National Office prefers mailing these items to the Blue Key Advisor’s office because campus mail to departments does not normally get folded or bent to fit in small postal or home mailboxes.  This avoids possible bending and creasing of the certificates during handling.

Note:  The induction ceremony shall include the distribution of certificates and pins to the new members of Blue Key in a sincere and ceremonial manner.

Note:  Using legible handwriting, members shall sign the chapter’s Blue Key Register.  Each chapter shall maintain a signed registry of its members.

Note:  Chapters are expected to select new Blue Key members at least once a year. A number of chapter refresh by selecting new members early in both the Fall and Spring semesters. There is no upper limit regarding the size of a Blue Key chapter.  The recommended minimum is 20-25 members to have an impact on campus. Exceptions do exist.

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