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Dues and Fees


Effective August 1, 2016, the Blue Key Board of Directors set the Blue Key Life Membership dues at $65.00 for new members.

Membership dues can be paid using the PayPal button below. Fee includes a $2 service charge. Preferred payment method is check.

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The dues, also known as the registration fee, entitle the new member to receive an embossed and signed Blue Key registration certificate and a Blue Key membership pin.

All nominees for membership in Blue Key Honor Society must be selected and screened by an active Blue Key Chapter at the candidate’s own four-year college or university.  If an institution does not have an active Blue Key Chapter, an interested student may find it rewarding to start-up a new Blue Key chapter on the campus.  See the chapter start-up instructions on the Blue Key website under the Chapter tab.  Feel free to contact the Blue Key Executive Director.  See contact information in the page footer.  Email is

The fee for a new chapter charter is $300.

This fee includes a Blue Key chapter banner, as well as the chapter charter date and registration number. Those interested in starting a Blue Key chapter should contact Danny Buckalew, Executive Director, at

The fee to reactivate an existing inactive chapter is $150.


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